Welcome to our store Peito y Cabezon Ferreteria!
For some of you that understand Spanish are probably laughing your heads of at the moment. My father gave me the idea. He remembers the name of a store from his youth called Feito y Cabezon from the 1950’s he and my grandfather visited often. You could purchase anything from screws to a garden hose to a tailored three-piece suit. The Sears and Roebuck of the times in Havana Cuba.

We won’t be selling three-piece suits; however, we try to focus on specific sporting goods items with an emphasis on golf, camping, EDC (Every Day Carry) equipment and hunting and fishing. Pants, shorts, and golf apparel. Check with us often, we add new items on a daily basis.
And as always, thank you for your patronage. If you’ve purchased from us before you know that we are about honesty, timely delivery and fair with our prices. IF you haven’t, we look forward to serving you soon.