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CJRB Maileah Linerlock Red G10 Folding AR-RPM9 Stainless Pocket Knife 1918REF

CJRB Maileah Linerlock Red G10 Folding AR-RPM9 Stainless Pocket Knife 1918REF

Peito Y Cabezon Ferreteria

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CJRB Folding Pocket Knife Maileah Tactical Knife with AR-RPM9 Powder Steel Blade and G10 Small Tactical Pocket Knife EDC for outdoor survival hunting camping J1918 (Red)

Product Features

Maileah is a highly accessibly small folder built with utility and EDC in mind. With a blade 2.39" and a deeply choiled handle the Maileah offers maximum cutting power in a package that can easily fit into the coin pocket of most Mens jeans, or into the front pocket of an average pair of women's jeans.

  • Our new AR-RPM9 steel really shines as an every-day user. High corrosion resistance and ease of sharpening make this knife an ease to maintain.
  • The fine tip of the Maileah is perfect for small detail tasks like scoring, trimming, and detailed carving.

AR-RPM9 Powder Steel

Despite its small blade size the Maileah can easily outperform much larger knives thanks in part to the wide blade shape and strong reverse-tanto style tip. We've also trimmed down the blade thickness to make this knife an incredible slicer that won't hang up on tough materials. And finally we've constructed the blade from our new proprietary powder steel AR-RPM9 to ensure that the blade will resist rust and the edge will maintain sharpness longer.


We've kept the blade stock of the Maileah a trim 0.09" which provides exceptional slicing prowess while maintaining optimal strength.


The Maileah designed by Savannah Swaggerty, or as she's more well know, Sharp and Pointy Swags. This knife could absolutely turn into your best friend, it's small, quick, and always reliable. For those who prefer to carry a larger knife the Maileah is an excellent backup option that you can slip just about anywhere!

Handle Material

The handle of the Maileah is deeply choiled and widened towards the back to ensure an incredibly secure three-finger grip. The inset liner and slim G10 scales ensure that the knife stays slim in pocket but still provides just enough grip to stay solidly in the hand.


The Maileah features multiple deployment options. A pair of thumb studs is ideal for quick flicking with either your thumb or middle finger, the pronounced front flipper allows for snappy deployment and an easy alternative if you happen to be wearing gloves. this knife gets its ultra smooth action from a set of ceramic bearings, ensuring the deployment is always quick and reliable.


A hidden lanyard pin allows for easy attachment of a paracord lanyard without disrupting the clean design of the knife. We've attached an extra discreet deep carry pocket clip to this knife to ensure that it stays snuggly tucked away in your pocket without the extra bulk of a large pocket clip.

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