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Beauty Odyssey EXO SEVEN Center Shaft 34 in. With Headcover Excellent Condition!

Beauty Odyssey EXO SEVEN Center Shaft 34 in. With Headcover Excellent Condition!


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Beautiful Odyssey EXO SEVEN Center Shaft 34 in. Putter With Headcover Excellent Condition! Has never touched a putting green. This putter comes from a well curated collection of putters that have never been used.   

Rare find in the contiguous United States of America. 

Odyssey is the #1 Putter in Golf, and the new EXO Putterswith Stroke Lab shafts represent a remarkable meeting of three of our newestinnovations: EXO construction, White Hot Micro hinge Insert, and Stroke LabWeighting. The result is a spectacular line of high-tech mallets engineered tohelp any golfer make more putts.

 Maximum Forgiveness From Multi-Material Construction

EXO delivers an incredibly high MOI design from a premiummulti-material construction. With the lightweight 6061 milled aluminumexo-cage, we removed weight from the center of the head and redistributed itinto the perimeter of the head, which is made of 17-4 stainless steel. This ishow we’re able to concentrate the weight, driving up the MOI significantly formore consistent ball speeds and directional control.

Legendary White Hot Feel and Immediate Roll

White Hot is one of the most successful inserts of all timewith its revolutionary feel, incredible sound, and iconic performance. We’vetaken White Hot and combined it with our proven Micro hinge technology thatcreates immediate forward roll for more consistent accuracy and distancecontrol.

Stroke Lab Shaft Weighting To Enhance Your Performance

Our revolutionary new multi-material Stroke Lab Shaft isdesigned for innovative weight distribution. This graphite and steel shaftsaves weight that’s relocated into each end of the putter to dramaticallychange performance dynamics to promote a smoother and more accurate stoke.

Mallets (And Mallets With Toe Hang)

Odyssey continues to lead in the mallet category, and EXOprovides both face balanced options (which reduce face rotation in the stroke)and toe hang options (which allow for more face rotation in the stroke) on eachmodel. No matter your stroke, we’ve got mallets with ultra high MOI to help youmake more putts.

 #1 Putter in Golf

Odyssey is the #1 Putter in Golf, and the #1 Putter brand inworldwide Tour wins and worldwide putter usage. From amateurs to the bestplayers in the game, we work relentlessly on groundbreaking designs to helpmake every golfer a better putter.

Odyssey EXO Stroke Lab Putter Tech Specs

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