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NEW Kershaw Shuffle DIY Compact Multifunction Pocket Knife (8720), 2.4 Inch

NEW Kershaw Shuffle DIY Compact Multifunction Pocket Knife (8720), 2.4 Inch


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Kershaw Shuffle DIY Compact Multifunction Pocket Knife (8720), 2.4 Inch

Kershaw Shuffle Knives

The Taskmaster series, featuring multi-purpose saws and shears, were skillfully designed and crafted to excellence by Kershaw. This tool series is completely handy and sturdy, making the perfect companions on camping or hunting trips. Compact and tough enough to take on sizable objects, the Taskmaster tools are awesome for various tasks and projects. Cut overgrown bushes, underbrush, dead tree limbs or prune using either the saw or shears. The Taskmaster tools are made of durable, reliable high carbon tool steel and the textured handles feature rubber over molding for secure, non-slip grip.

Classic Manual Flipper

Flippers on manual-open knives require user to push with quick strength until blade deploys. Some manual flippers disappear when blade deploys, others become a finger guard. Manual flippers appeal to inexperienced users as well as experienced users who prefer a classic, old-style opening. In both cases, ambidextrous flipper works as index finger applies pressure while closed knife sits in palm.

Durable Handle

Very tough, able to take heavy-duty hard use, and versatile, glass-filled nylon handle material is a nylon synthetic polymer reinforced with glass threads for increased strength. Glass-filled nylon has incredible stiffness for a secure and stable grip, great ability to withstand heat, and dimensional stability combined with excellent wear resistance.

Secure Locking System

With two steel plates, or liners, on the inside of each handle scale, the liner locking system safely secures the blade open and prevents unwanted blade closure. The lockbar butts up against the blade’s backend to prevent closure, and angles or is bent towards the blade tang creating a bias locked position. Apply manual force to move the lockbar to the side and fold the blade back into the handle.

High-Performance Steel

A budget friendly, reliable, top-of-the-line Chinese produced steel, 8Cr13MoV steel has carbon and slightly less nickel for hardness and edge retention. Kershaw’s precision heat treated 8Cr13MoV steel strongly takes and holds an edge and offers wear resistance that can withstand damage from both abrasive and adhesive wear. 8Cr13MoV is a value blade steel featuring high performing characteristics.

Attractive Blade Coating

Black oxide coating is a chemical bath, or conversion coating, that converts the surface of the blade steel to magnetite. Mainly for appearance, black oxide does add some mild corrosion resistance and tends to minimize light reflection from the blade. The blackening process gives the blade an attractive, smooth, tactical, fierce black surface that is very desirable to knife owners.

Fast Deployment

The classic way to open a knife, manual action knives use a thumb hole, thumb stud or built-in flipper to safely deploy the blade. Holding the knife level at 90o angle, quickly and smoothly flick the wrist to maneuver the blade out of the handle. Place fingers along handle scales and apply pressure inward on the blade with the thumb. Manual systems do not employ mechanical assist to open a knife.

Convenient Pocketclip

Kershaw designs pocket clips to fit specific knives according to their weight, intended end use, size, style and hardware. Some knives have multiple carry options, others are more streamlined. A pocketclip with tip-down carry is positioned so the closed knife carries in the pocket with the tip of its blade pointed down. A reversible tip-up or tip-down pocketclip allows user to change tip position.

  • Multifunction pocket knife includes Phillips bit, Flathead bit, bottle opener, jump ring, lanyard hole and a single fixed position removable pocketclip
  • Drop point design adds tip strength and eliminates pitch momentum, making it a perfect tactical, hunting or survival knife noted for its durability and controllability when slicing game
  • Stainless blade made of 8CR13MOV steel for strength, hardness and edge retention
  • Liner Lock safely prevents blade from closing prematurely when titanium plate in handle slides against open blade
  • Nylon polymer reinforced Handle with glass thread has exceptional strength, stiffness, wear resistance and stability.

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