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StatGear Surviv-All 4" FIXED BLADE 440C Stainless Steel w/ Sheath - Firestarter

StatGear Surviv-All 4" FIXED BLADE 440C Stainless Steel w/ Sheath - Firestarter


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StatGear Surviv-All Fixed-Blade Bowie Knife with Sheath, Firestarter, Sharpener & Cord Cutter for Hunting Camping Outdoors Hiking EDC

  • StatGear survival outdoor knife is a stainless steel full tang knife. This durable knife can handle anything especially the tough outdoors.
  • Features a drop point blade equipped with a blade sharpening stone in rear of sheath so your knife is sharp & sturdy consistently.
  • Fire starter and cord cutter in sheath. The cord cutter works well for minor cuts so you don’t have to take out your knife.
  • If you enjoy hunting and all other outdoor activities, you'll find the StatGear Surviv-All Outdoor Knife a convenient and practical choice for your go-to knife.

Product Description

The Surviv-All Survival Knife From StatGear Has A High Carbon 440 Stainless Steel Full Tang, Drop Point Blade. It Has A Rubber Textured Handle With A Stainless Steel Pommel On The Handle Bottom. The Heavy Duty Belt Sheath Includes A Fire Starter Rod And Cord Cutter So You Don't Have To Take Your Knife Out For Minor Cuts. There Is An Integrated Knife Sharpener Stone On The Rear Of The Sheath. The Knife Handle Is Secured To The Sheath With The Patent-Pending Para-Secure Paracord Handle Strap. 

Knife Length: 9.5 Inches 

Blade Length: 4.25 Inches 

Knife Weight: 7.5 Ounces 

Knife Weight In Sheath: 13 Ounces

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